Term Life Insurance

Often the need for insurance is greater when you are younger – you want to ensure you would take care of any debt and ensure your loved ones have enough money available if something were to happen to you. Term insurance works very well in this situation.

Term insurance works by providing a fixed amount of insurance at a fixed price for a specific term. There are many term options available and the price varies based on how long of a term you would like.

Term life insurance is for you if:

  • You are looking for inexpensive insurance for a certain period of time
  • Your insurance needs will disappear or decrease drastically in the future
  • You have debt you want to ensure is erased if something happens to you
  • You have a young family and want to ensure they will have enough money if something happens to you

Forest City Life works with over 20 major insurance companies across Canada allowing us to find the solution best suited to you for the best price. Our team of experts will help you find the coverage that you are looking for the best price available. When you are ready, use our free no-obligation quoting tool and we’ll take care of the rest.